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Welcome to Blatchley Photos website

The website is divided into two major parts - Stock and Art

The Stock Section of the website consists of photos I have taken over the years that may be useful to others, either for publication, prints or other uses. Some have photo releases and could be used commercially. Others do not have photo releases and therefore are available for editorial use only. You may order prints of any of the photos for your personal use by double-clicking on the photo and selecting the print or accessory from the menu. For commercial use such as for brochures, slide shows, article illustrations, etc. there are no set prices as the pricing is based on how the image will be used, so please contact me via e-mail or phone to discuss uses and price. Purchases are made securely through the built-in shopping cart. Photos range from people to locations to events and are searchable by single or multiple keywords.

Searching - it is very easy to search the site by simply typing a keyword or words that you might think would describe the photo you are looking for in the "Search" box and pressing enter. Once you have done this, you will be presented with thumbnails of all the photos in the database that might meet that description. Make sure you have the "Photos" tab clicked at the top - not "galleries" or "collections".

The Art Section includes photos that I have processed primarily to be printed and displayed. Hopefully, you will find these attractive enough to hang on a wall. I personally archive print the larger sizes (up to 17x22 inches). They are available as prints only or with matting and framing. Other sizes are available through MPIX Lab. To order, click on the thumbnail(s) of your choice and select from the drop-down menu. The Art Section has its own shopping cart for your convenience.

All photos are copyright protected by Blatchley Enterprises, Inc.

Thank you very much for your interest and please feel free to contact me with questions and/or concerns.

David Blatchley

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Photography Bio

I think I’ve been a photographer most of my life. My Dad got me started when I was about six. He always had a camera with him (Rule #1) and, as the county 4-H agent, he was constantly taking photos, many of which he would submit to the local newspaper, to publicize 4-H events. He had two cameras, a 35mm Kodak Signet and a 4x5 Crown Graphic. He used one film for each – Kodak Tri-X for the 4x5 and Kodachrome 25 for the Signet. He knew those cameras and film combinations so well that in any lighting situation he knew almost exactly what the exposure values should be. As they say, he was “spot on” about 98% of the time. Of course, whenever we went on a family trip, the family “endured” while he stopped at every scenic location to take photos.
I bought my first camera before my teen years – a Kodak Brownie, and it wasn’t long before I started experimenting with filters. As I grew older, it seemed that whenever I joined a club or organization, I was always the “guy with the camera” and therefore the logical person to do the public relations. I already knew the editor at the local paper so I was reasonably successful.

After graduating from SUNY Cortland with a degree in psychology, my photography interests continued and in 1966 I became a volunteer assistant with a local wedding and portrait studio. I learned a lot. At that time most formal wedding photos were taken in the studio and candid wedding photography was just getting started. We used Speed Graphic 4x5 cameras and, in addition to the cameras carried a bag of flashbulbs and a box of film holders. After about two years with the studio, I branched off and went on my own albeit using smaller 2 ¼ cameras. I took courses from Monte Zucker, Rocky Gunn, Bill Stockwell, and several other nationally known wedding photographers to improve my trade. I photographed weddings for 40 years, retiring in 2006. It was a good fit because I could do weddings on the weekends while maintaining my career.

I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University in 1972 and took a position with the Syracuse Developmental Services Office. In between there was employment at the Cortland Co. Probation Department and Marcy State Hospital. In about two years I became Director of Communications for the agency overseeing the public relations, press relations, internal communications and public education functions – maybe a strange fit for a MSW but my emphasis at SU was in Community Organization and Planning. I used my photography skills extensively and branched into video.

I retired from the DSO in 1996 and have since kept active with part-time positions at the Cortland City School District (Public Information Officer) and a number of years as a volunteer flagger/photographer at Watkins Glen International Raceway along with freelance photography when the opportunity presentede itself.

However, during most of my life my goal was to become a stock photographer. I’ve built photo files since the sixties and never did anything with them. Now it’s time! Over the coming years I’ll be uploading thousands of photos onto this website, hoping that maybe some of them can be of use to someone. If you see anything you like, I hope you’ll consider a purchase, either for your own personal use or to use in a publication.

This is my first website. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

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Pretty photos!.
4.mary p(non-registered)
just got back from grand tetons and yellowstone..and glacier. your photos are amazing.. also enjoyed, through your photos, memories of acadia, smoky mtns, grand canyon and antelope canyon.
3.Gail Ventura(non-registered)
Love the Cortland Photos. Will be in touch soon. I would like to give some to my friends. Lets talk.
1.L Doring(non-registered)
Love your fall shots, especially of Little York Lake.
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